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  1. Brandon says:

    How much in BTC is each Gram?

  2. maria says:

    1 oz = 28,349523125 g
    1 g ~ 6,57 BTC
    -> 1 oz ~ 28,349523125*6,57 BTC = 186,25636693 BTC
    but your price / oz is 190,22 BTC
    yes its a coin, but why is 1g-bars then more “premium” – am I mistaken in my understanding?

    • the dictionary says: premium
      – the excess value of one form of money over another of the same nominal value.
      – a sum above the nominal or par value of a thing.

      one hundred 1g bars are more expensive than one 100g bar, because it costs the same to make a bar, no matter if its 1g or 100g. that extra price is called “premium” . in this case, the premium is 15%, whereas a 100g bar would only have a premium of 7%, and a 15kg bar only has a premium of 0,5%.

    • also, gold is traded in TROY OUNCES.
      one troy ounce equals 31,1gram!

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